1953 Flood Exhibition and Films

There is a real buzz surrounding the exhibition sponsored by the Alde and Ore Association to mark the 60th Anniversary of the ’53 Flood in the Alde and Ore Estuary. As many will remember, late on the night of 31st January 1953 the river walls in the estuary breached in numerous places and many homes and several thousand acres were inundated with salt water, not to mention the devastation up and down the East Anglian coast.

The Exhibition will be showing a range of RAF photographs taken by Bomber Command shortly after the disaster struck along with many private local photographs. there is also a map and a fascinating diary written at the time by Philip John Trist, the local Ministry of Agriculture engineer, covering the Suffolk coast. The exhibition will also cover how a surge tide happens and how we can prepare for any future emergency.

We are delighted that Angie Mason, an experienced documentary film maker, is producing a film of local memories which includes unique unseen 60 year old cine footage taken locally in Orford. Filming started at the end of November at a very well attended meeting in the Jolly Sailor, in Orford, when around 30 residents from around the estuary discussed their memories of living through those very difficult times. Everyone remembered the shock of the flooding, how little warning there was, the cold and the awful smell in the days following. Who knows, there may be someone you know in our film and there will be lots to see in Orford, Aldeburgh and Snape so don’t miss it!

Events and exhibition programme

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